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Sales & Marketing Plan

The Energic India Sales and Marketing Plan is a low risk, business opportunity that is open to everyone. It allows you to build your business through retailing products and sponsoring other people who, in turn, can retail products and offer the business opportunity to others. By passing your sales and marketing knowledge to your developing team, you not only build your own business network but also enable others to build one of their own.

The core principle of the Energic India Sales and Marketing Plan's income opportunity is the sale of quality Products such as :

  • LED bulbs
  • LED tubes
  • Power bank
  • Anti-radiation products to retail customers

As yourbusiness grows, the bonus & rewards you earn in proportion. The Sales and Marketing Plan does not compensate anybody for simply recruiting others as independent Business Owner( IBO ).

How to Start Business

There is no cost on starting our business. You need to be sponsored in the business by an already existing IBO.

Energic India Business Opportunity is flexible , it can be taken as a part time or full time business. It is accessible virtually by anyone interested in operating an independent business. Once you purchase your 1st product, your Business codewill activate for life time.

The Opportunity works in two-fold :

  • Giving you a chance to build your own business at your pace and
  • Achieve the Bonus & Rewards linked to the plan and at the same time, helping other people do the same.


  • Energic India provides unlimited training to all its business owners to help them grow their business and achieve their goals.
  • Enhancing the product knowledge of the business owners
  • Developing the selling skills to help them build their business more effectively
  • Empowering the successful business owners to effectively train other IBOs in their groups.

As a Career

  • Under this Program, an IBO has an opportunity to get Institutions into Business as Consumers of our products.
  • Any corporate who are Consumers can participate under this program. some example of Institutional Customers are: Hotels, Educational Institutions, societies, State and Central govt. Ministries/Depts., Public Sector Undertakings, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Public Ltd. companies, Private Limited companies